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September 2009

Angela Madden
Spraycan Savvy
Stencilling with sprays
Hazel Credland
Select and Try
Finding the really interesting bit
Judy Fairless
Evolon - the soft touch
Stitch, solder and slash
Alicia Merrett
Attractive, Affordable and Saleable
Mounting small textiles for sale
Margaret Ramsay
Distressed Doors - Part 2
Small textured hangings in gesso, stitch and paint
Lorraine Torrence
Design Skills for Stunning Quilts
Simple rules of design
Kate Dowty
Rub and Wash
Squared-up curves
Celebrity Interview
Maggie Grey talks to Penny Sisto
June 2009

Dionne Swift
Devoré Dabbling
Devoré techniques for a velvet scarf
Katharine Guerrier
A4 Workout
Appealing mini quilts
Liz Plummer
Up Close and Personal
Using acrylic paints to create vibrant flower paintings
Linda Rudkin
Colour from the Garden
Working with natural dyes
Kate Dowty
Scrappy Florals
Building detail with snippets and nets
Annette Morgan
Making your own stamps
Blocks for printing on fabric
Margaret Ramsay
Distressed Doors - Part 1
Small textured hangings in stitch and paint
Celebrity Interview
Catherine Nicholls
March 2009

C June Barnes
Shrinking Beauty
Using stitch and shrink techniques
Wendy Butler Berns
Picture This
Picture image appliqué
Wendy Cotterill
Print and Resist
Using Print.Ability creatively
Judy Fairless
Elements of Matisse
Paper-cut designs
Maggie Grey
Colour Swap
Quick colour tips for computer design
Frieda Anderson
Winter Forest
Making fused quilts
Hilary Gooding
Documented Stitching
Making journal quilts
Celebrity Interview
Dijanne Cevaal
December 2008

Ineke Berlyn
The Transparent Landscape
Using Sheer Fabrics
Yvonne Brown
Cut-work with a twist
Soldering iron techniques on paper
Jenny Rolfe
Oh to be Tall and Slim
Unusual appliqué hanging
Rayna Gillman
Remedial Layers
Layered printing on fabric
Jackie Smith
Woolly Wonders
Felting recycled woollens
Kit Strathairn
Mirror, Mirror
Working with metal squares
Beth Wheeler
Vintage Artwork in Fabric Collage
Celebrity Interview
Susan Chapman and Terrie Hitchcock

September 2008

Lesley Brankin
The Wave
Monoprint and silk painting
Katherine Guerrier
Not Bling but Zing
Small pieced wallhanging
Frieda Oxenham
Making Waves
Using Electric Quilt
Greta Fitchett
Venetian inspiration for
Mixed media pictures
Sheena Norquay
Dash It All
Design, print and free machine
Jill Packer
Having a ripping time
Super soft faux chenille bag
Maggie Grey
Image to Stitch
Unusual transfer methods
Celebrity Interview
Alicia Merrett
June 2008

Carol Dowsett
Inspiration Daffodil
Piecing techniques
Gloria Hansen
The Digital Dilemma
Inkjet printing on fabric
Pat Archibald
Gilded Leaves
Foiling for fun
Hilary Gooding
Creating Perspective
Crazy, Log Cabin and Pineapple techniques
Susan Briscoe
Awaji Cushion Panel
Traditional patterns for Sashiko stitching
Helen Deighan
Coiling It
Making a coil bag
Naomi Renouf
Falling Leaves
A paint and appliqué wallhanging
Celebrity Interview
Dilys Fronks
March 2008

Jane Coombes
Radiant Rainbow
Foundation Pieced Hanging
Di Goodison
Honest! It's a bin bag
Making bags from plastic or paper
Beverley Wood
Thread Play
Know Your Threads
Jennie Pickering
Star & Cross Tiles
A Machine Embroidered Quilt
Pauline Burbidge
Layers of Inspiration
Landscape Translation
Christine Restall
November Pears
Screen printed and hand painted wall hanging
Maria Weinstein, Hilary Gooding & Janet McCallum
My Journal Quilts
Individual Makers Tell Us How
Celebrity Interview
Barbara Weeks
December 2007

Olga Norris
Inspired by Kantha
A Simple Running Stitch Goes a Long Way
Edwina Mackinnon
All Squared Up
A Practical Bag Made Entirely from Squares
Marie Roper
The Creative Computer
Transferring Images
Bobby Britnell
Growing Your Dreams
Drawing as Inspiration for Textiles
Jill Packer
Turnstile Twists
A New Take on a Traditional 1928 Block
Carol Dowsett
Lots of Bottle
Easy Peasy Shibori Scarf Dyeing
Susan Osinoff, Maria Weinstein & Carol Dowsett
My Journal Quilts
Individual Makers Tell Us How
Celebrity Interview
Irene MacWilliam